History of neitsytniemi

Neitsytniemi Manor is a notable landmark in the nationally significant cultural landscape of Imatra's River Vuoksi, which is rich in fish.

Jaana and Jari Tirri became the owners of Neitsytniemi Manor in April 2019. Their dream is to preserve the 120-year-old manor as part of the national landscape for future generations.

Artists and nobles have enjoyed the landscapes of Neitsytniemi Manor throughout the ages.

The manor, which is situated at the shore of River Vuoksi, was built by Esquire Edvard von Nottbeck in 1900. The manor was designed by Architect Karl August Wrede, whose work is also seen at the Milavida palace in Tampere. It is said that the floor plan of the manor was designed to reminisce the summer home of the President of the United States. Neitsytniemi Manor was a summer residence for the Nottbeck family, and they spent their time there enjoying nature and organising social events. Only high-ranking guests were welcome to their extravagant parties, and the locals could only hear of stories about the sumptuous banquets, noble guests and joyful murmur.

The history of Neitsytniemi reaches even further back in time. The area's first mentioning dates back to the 1650s when a stable operating under the Crown of Sweden was situated in the location. In the 18th century, the ownership was transferred to the Zilliacus merchant family that originated from Vyborg during Russia's reign, and they renamed the area as Neitsytniemi.

The Zilliacus family ruled the area for 150 years. They had the first manor built in the area, and they invited cultural members of the community to visit them. The area attracted many well-known artists who sought inspiration for their work from Saimaa and Vuoksi. Some of the most notable guests at the time have been Albert Edelfelt and Zacharias Topelius.

Tornatori and Enso have also owned Neitsytniemi Manor. At the time, the manor was the official residence and premises of representation for the factory managers where high-ranking visitors, such as President Relander, were taken. During this time, the manor was extended with two additional wings, and both the interior and exterior of the manor were renovated.

The City of Imatra took over the ownership of the manor in 1984 at which time the decision was made to restore the manor to its original state. Neitsytniemi was used as the City's event premises, and the Tainionkoski end was donated for the use of the City's historical museum.

Over the years, the owners and residents of the manor have changed. The manor's interior and exterior have undergone various changes according to the preferences and needs of each owner. The current owners wish to restore the manor to its original glamour when the Nottbeck family was there.

Neitsytniemi Manor is one of Imatra's most well-known and loved buildings. This is also apparent in the public vote organised in November 2020 by the local Uutisvuoksi newspaper, in which the manor was voted as the Most Beautiful Building in Imatra!

Come and experience the noble atmosphere of Neitsytniemi where the history can genuinely be felt! The lady of the manor is happy to share more about the interesting and varied history of Neitsytniemi.

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  • 1743-1887 Zilliacus family
  • 1887-1889 Baron Langenskiöld
  • 1889-1914 Esquire Edvard von Nottbeck
  • 1914-1932 Tornator
  • 1932-1984 Enso-Gutzeit limited company
  • 1985-2019 City of Imatra
  • 2019- Jaana and Jari Tirri